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Another Day Spent Alone

Posted by munchkines on March 3, 2009

Sigh… another day alone. Today is my first day without a job. I woke up at around 11.30am. What I did today was pay all my bills. Firstly, I went to Solaris Mont Kiara and went to all the banks there. Then I went to Summit USJ to bring back my bowling bag as I have league to day at 1 Utama. And here I am now at Burger King in 1 Utama. Such a boring day. I’m wasting my time on the internet looking for jobs. I’m supposed to have a job already, as a coach in Negeri Sembilan. But you know how government works. Damn slow….

And another bad thing happened today is I argued again with my girl. Damn how frustrating it is. I really feel damn down. The more all of these things happen to me the more I become crazy. For your info, I am a bit crazy now. The whole month of February was in a mess. I did not win a single graded tournament and my relationship is going down the drain. Why all of these is happening to me. WHY???!!!



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