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Last Flight on Jaya One

Posted by munchkines on February 27, 2009

Today is my last day in Jaya One. To tell you the truth, it’s not easy for me to leave. Lots of good memories happened here. The time spent together is very valuable. The person that I will miss the most will be Vivian. Yes, me might still spend time together but it will different already. And there will nobody for me to argue with anymore, like arguing with Zura. Then there’s Jessie, the Dettol woman. She mistook Dettol with Listerine, gurgling it without noticing the text on the bottle. Then there’s also Lorraine, who always get ‘educated’ by Andrew.

I really had a good experience working in Jaya One. How I wish I never had to leave this place. But I understand the company’s situation with the current economic issues now. So this is the chance for me to grab more and better opportunities. At the moment, I will concentrate more in my bowling since there are lots of tournaments for me to participate. Hopefully by middle of March, I will be having a job for me to survive.

Karaoke (1)Karaoke (2)Karaoke (3)Karaoke (4)Karaoke (5)Karaoke (6)JOM (4)JOM (3)JOM (2)JOM (1)


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