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A New Me in 2009

Posted by munchkines on February 24, 2009

Hey all… today is the first day and the first time I’m writing in a blog. I have never done this before and I was thinking how nice is it to share the journey of my life with my fellow friends.As to most of you who knows me, I am a bowler. I am still bowling and also a coach. I am currently working as an Events Executive in Jaya One but will be leaving soon due to economic situation that doesn’t allow me to stay in the company. If you would like to know more about Jaya One, you can visit their website at and feel free to check out what’s happening.

4 months in Jaya One has make me a better person. I met new friends and old friends where we always spend time together eating lunch, go for yam cha and also movies. And I have gain weight ever since working here, all because of my colleague Andrew Stephen Lau. He inspired me to eat because whatever he eats looks delicious. Then there’s also Vivian, Jessie, Lorraine, Lennard, Amber and my dear old friend Sandie.

It was fun working here in Jaya One where there were lots of events happening such as Passionately Pink Carnival, Malaysian Rally Championship, Natural Face Search, Halo! Let’s Eat Music Festival and not forgetting Acoustic Jaya, the one and only free open-air acoustic performance by indie artistes like Izzy Mohd, Azmyl Yunor, Nick Davis, Ian Chow, Estrella, Loudspeaker and much more to mention.

Natural Face Search

Natural Face Search

Hot Pink Carnival

Hot Pink Carnival

Halo! Let's Eat Music Festival

Halo! Let's Eat Music Festival

Acoustic Jaya

Acoustic Jaya

Since I am leaving the company soon, I hope that we can still maintain the closeness of our friendship and keep on hanging out together whenever we have the time. I’m not sure where I will be heading to next. Maybe as a coach for Negeri Sembilan, or maybe I would like to venture into PR or events industry. As for now, wait for more posts from me. Signing out from the desk of Mustafa Yassin.


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